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Fantastic Bubblegum Portrait

January 7, 2010

Only just found this now, ’tis a pity I’ve already finished my magazine as this would have been an excellent feature to include. This portrait is by Artist: Beatrix Mira and can be purchased via the following link for a very reasonable price.


Solving the gum litter problem

December 22, 2009

Introducing gummy bins!

“Solving the chewing gum problem isn’t about cleaning gum off pavements. It’s about changing people’s behaviour so that they will put their gum in a bin.

Gummy BinsĀ® is a breakthrough in solving the chewing gum problem. It’s about prevention, not cure. It’s appealing and quirky. It’s fun and different! And it has serious and proven effects.”

Example of one of their bins:

Gummy StreetĀ®

  • High traffic areas, gathering places, city centres, schools, etc
  • High risk security areas (with the clear cover)
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Informal, everyday use
  • 500 piece high capacity cartridge
  • Available with a Granite finish in black, stone and light grey.

Wrigley’s Poster

November 26, 2009

A really cool poster from Wrigley’s, not sure of it’s origin but it sure is a inspiration for the sort of ads I want in my mag:

Chewing gum Truck

November 26, 2009

Came across this image of a chewing gum truck, which looks exactly how I want my magazine to look – a large scaled chewing gum packet:

It even has that elusive foil I need to get hold of.. if anyone knows where to get some let me know! (it’s the foil which is shiny on one side but paper on the inside)

Giant Chewing Gum Sculpture in Venice

November 4, 2009