Top Ten Art & Design Venues

1.V&A Museum (London)

Has to be my favourite art & design venue, as it’s the best I’ve actually been privileged to visit. The V&A Museum is a fantastic museum which looks great both outside and in. The museum is the largest in London and holds many different types of art and design – 4.5 million objects altogether.

2. The Tate Modern (London)

The Tate Modern is another top venue of mine. It is the national museum of international modern art. The collections consist of works of international modern and contemporary art, from 1900 onwards.

3. Design Museum (London)

The Design Museum is definitely worth a visit. It displays lots of areas of design such as; product, industrial, graphic, fashion and architectural. It looks the part and makes it as my third top design and art venue.

4.  National Museum of Wales (Cardiff)

Cardiff museum is a local museum which is free to visit – can’t go wrong with that! The museum has a very nice art gallery which I have visited many times in the past. The museum has been of great help as research for past projects and I’m sure I will visit it in the future for inspiration.

5. Museum of Arts & Design (MAD) (New York)

This is the top museum I want to visit but haven’t yet had the chance to. It  collects, displays, and interprets objects in ceramic, glass, fiber metal and wood that honor innovation in art, craft and design. The Museum embraces rapid changes in the decorative and design arts, celebrating design as the process through which materials are crafted into works that enhance our lives.

6. The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising (London)

Found out about this museum a while ago and have wanted to see it since. Old packagaing has always enticed me and it would have been brilliant to visit this venue for research for my magazine project, as chewing gum packaging has been such an influential factor. The museum houses a display of brands and packs, posters and adverts, fads and fashions, toys and games.  They say it’s an “Evocative and inspiring, it’s a kaleidoscope of images and iconic brands.”

7. Museum of Modern Art  (New York)

Another museum I would very much like to visit is the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  The musuem has an unparalleled overview of modern and contemporary art, including works of architecture and design, drawings, painting, sculpture, photography, prints, illustrated books and artist’s books, film, and electronic media.

8. National Gallery (London)

This musuem looks utterly brilliant and is always a joy to visit. The museum houses a vast collection of paintings from the mid-13th century through to to 1900’s.

9. Louvre Museum (Paris)

This Lourve looks truley amazing and is one of the largest and most visited museum in the world. The pyramid landmark is something I would love to see. The museum displays traditional French architecture since the Renaissance and  a magnificent collection of ancient and Western art.

10.  Riverfront (Newport)

Lastly on my list is the closest venue to home. Newport’s Riverfront is a fairly new building which has helped improved the landscape of the town. The Riverfront provides a range of live entertainment, workshops and free exhibitions. The art gallery presents a number of events, covering art, design and photography. The gallery also gives a chance for the students of my uni (Newport University of Wales) to display their work.


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